School of Beer


Postponed: This class has been temporarily postponed - please check back soon for updated scheduling information!

Cost: $495.00

Course Description:

This class was begun four years ago in Concord, and since then several breweries have been opened based on it. The class includes all aspects of starting your own microbrewery or nanobrewery, such as: Design, Siting, Build out, business plans, financing, sourcing, local, state, and federal approvals. Will cover the new mini-brewpub created by HB 253!

The instructor, Kevin Bloom, has operated and opened several micros, and is in the process of promoting nano-brewing systems that can be acquired without a large investment.

From 9 am to 5 pm, includes lunch and USB drive containing syllabus and additional material. Class size limited to five. Class will be held on site at 15 Nelson St, Manchester, at New England Brace.

$495, biz partner 1/2 price. Discount for domestic partner as well.

Instructor: Kevin Bloom

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